Why insurance broking is a great career?

An insurance broker provides professional advice to help insurance buyers to protect their assets, their business or their families. They help insurance buyers to shield their high impact risk exposure and to minimize the financial impact of a major incident. Helping people comes with a lot of job satisfaction. 


An insurance broker provides insurance consultancy and insurance brokerage services to diversified clients in different industries, such as local, global, industry specific or types of insurance specialties. It creates opportunities to learn about a wide range of businesses and to expand your social network. 


The insurance broker market has a high rate of employability and offers excellent opportunities for those who wish to enter a sector that has a long-term career path with good prospects.


Insurance broking firms come in many shapes and sizes but all have their important place and role in the industry.  On the one hand there are large firms with one hundred or more technical representative staff, including some major international firms operating world-wide, who tend to focus on large local and multinational corporate clients or major industries such as maritime, aviation or construction projects.  On the other hand, there are much smaller firms who provide insurance broking services to SME clients or specialize in niche markets such as specialist liabilities or trade credit. Insurance broking firms may tend to concentrate on the provision of general insurance and risk management or alternatively on corporate group or personal life insurance or a combination of the two as well as corporate employee benefits and medical insurance.  This wide range of activities provides ample opportunity for individuals to find a particular area of expertise which suits their interests with the large insurance broker firms providing career promotion paths and the smaller firms allowing a person to establish their own niche specialty. 


The importance of insurance brokers to the economy should not be underestimated as the risk management and global insurance programmes they provide enable multinational groups based in Hong Kong to trade internationally with their operations and capital properly protected. On the local front, industrial, commercial and financial organizations are able to operate safely knowing that their capital, assets, liabilities and bank loans are well protected. 


Insurance Broking is a stable industry, normally with a 5-day working week and is an essential professional advisory field in our community. 


How to become a professional insurance broker?

To be a professional insurance broker, he/she would be labeled as 


1) “Experts in insurance and information gathering” it means that they are 

- extremely well qualified, with technical expertise and professional accreditations

- an expert in insurance companies’ products, policies and processes to advise clients on real options

- arranging customized and comprehensive solution based on client needs and expectations

- keeping up-to-date with changes in the insurance market and in the clients’ industries


2) “Dynamic Relationship Management” 

- understanding the nature of clients’ business or lives

- building and maintaining ongoing relationships with clients, including foreseeing clients’ insurance needs

- driving reciprocal business and strengthening partnerships with insurers, underwriters, surveyors, etc

- greater leverage in the insurance market enabling preferential coverage and pricing


3) “Effective Risk Management” 

- gathering information from clients, assessing their insurance needs and risk profile

- completing risk assessments in disciplined and structured ways

- advising clients on the best ways to “transfer” the inevitable risks they face in their business

- supporting clients in the events of a claim to understand the system and simplify the process



Size and Scope of Insurance Broking in Hong Kong (including life insurance brokers and general insurance brokers)

Market statistics (as of 28 February 2022)

Licensed Insurance Broker Companies 


Licensed Technical Representatives (Broker)


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Examples on how young talents joined the insurance broking industry

We interviewed several young professionals working in insurance brokerage and asked them all the same series of questions.

  • How did you land on this opportunity?
  • Did you always want to get into insurance?
  • What did you study at University? Looking back, what would you do differently at University to better prepare yourself in your current role?
  • Where do you see yourself in 3 years from now? Is there career progression in this role?
  • What are the benefits of being in the insurance industry, particularly, Insurance Broking?
  • How would you describe your current job to a trainee moving into Insurance Broking?
  • Did any of your previous work experience help you to get to where you are today?

1. Account Executive – Corporate General Broking

2. Graduate Associate – Development Program

3. Associate Director - Commercial Risks

4. Graduate Associate – Health and Benefits

5. Account Executive – Group Life and Medical Benefits

6. Associate Trainee – Graduate Program

7. Claims Executive – General Broking

8. Management Associate – Graduate Rotation

9. Consultant - Employee Benefits

10. Associate Trainee – Graduate Program